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About Casa Noble Anejo Tequila

The piñas are then brought back to the distillery, here they are cooked in stone ovens for 36 hours at approximately 212° Fahrenheit (larger commercial distilleries cook piñas in stainless steel autoclaves for just six to eight hours). "Anyone can tell you the slow-cook method imparts a deeper, slightly smoky and sweet flavor that you can't achieve in fast cooking," says Hermosillo. Then, the piñas are crushed and fermented using local, airborne yeasts. As a result of using local yeasts, the tequila is influenced by the estate's surrounding orange, mango and lemon trees. Once fermentation is complete, Casa Noble Tequila is distilled three times through a copper-pot still.

Casa Noble Añejo Tequila is matured in French oak casks for two years. It has notes of milk chocolate, coffee and butterscotch, along with touches of pepper, oaky spices and citrus. The tequila earned the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a score of 94 points from the Beverage Testing Institute.

"I immediately felt symbolically connected with Casa Noble," says Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Carlos Santana, who was born near the estate. "You go there and it looks like a sanctuary. It's not like other distilleries."

Try this tequila from an amazing distillery today!

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